What does the Illinois state government’s current health plan look like?

What does the Illinois state government’s current health plan look like?

July 17, 2021 Comments Off on What does the Illinois state government’s current health plan look like? By admin

The current health care plan, which the Illinois General Assembly passed in 2018, provides health coverage to all Illinias residents.

However, as a result of the 2018 budget cuts, that plan is now limited to people who have a household income of at least $50,000.

As a result, it is unclear what the future of the plan will look like.

Illinois state Rep. Dan McNeil (D-Ill.) told ThinkProgress that there are some ways the state could change its current plan, but there are also options for changes that would allow the plan to be expanded and provide more coverage for more people.

He said that the current plan could be extended for a period of time, but he also said that it could be adjusted to include more people who are already covered under the plan.

He also suggested that the state should consider the idea of expanding coverage to include people who may not be eligible for Medicaid.

“I think if we could figure out a way to do that and expand Medicaid, I think that would be something that would make a lot of sense, given the budget constraints and the current problems,” McNeil said.

“And that would probably be something the governor and the legislature could come to an agreement on.

But right now, it’s still kind of a question mark, and I think the governor would probably want to see the legislative process go forward.”

The current plan is still under consideration by the Illinois House of Representatives.

According to the House’s website, there are a number of changes that the legislature may consider before the full House votes on the current health bill in 2018.

However at the moment, the House has not voted on the bill.

McNeil, who represents a small Illinois district, is one of a number lawmakers who have criticized the health care overhaul.

He called it “insufficient” and said it did not go far enough.

“We have a lot to be concerned about here,” he said.

The Illinois House will be taking up the bill when it returns to session on February 18.

McNeill said that he is still hopeful that lawmakers will vote on the proposal before the end of the year.