Former Vice President Joe Biden to speak at Georgetown University commencement next week

Former Vice President Joe Biden to speak at Georgetown University commencement next week

July 29, 2021 Comments Off on Former Vice President Joe Biden to speak at Georgetown University commencement next week By admin

Vice President Biden will deliver his commencement address at Georgetown on Tuesday, but his first address on the issue of abortion will be focused on the Supreme Court.

Biden will speak from the same stage that President Barack Obama delivered his commencement speech at Georgetown last September, the White House announced Friday.

In an interview with ABC News’ This Week in Politics, Biden’s top aide, Ben LaBolt, said Biden would speak about “the importance of this Court’s role in protecting our constitutional values.”

“It’s the case of a young woman and the life she was taking, but the moment she got the abortion, that moment of her life, that was taken from her,” LaBastolt said.

“I think the moment of the abortion has been taken from the life of the woman.”

The White House has not announced any other details about Biden’s commencement address.

It’s not clear whether Biden will speak on the topic at Georgetown’s commencement or elsewhere.

Bidens speech will also be a rare example of a former vice president speaking about the Supreme Law and the future of abortion, something the president has done a number of times before, including at a town hall in Kentucky.

Bids to speak to graduates are up in the air for some high-profile graduates and their families, as the University of California-Davis has declined to allow a speech by Biden.

But for Biden, the event is a chance to offer his own views about abortion.

The vice president said he was proud of the work he did as vice president and his role in the fight against abortion.

He will be the first vice president to speak on abortion in a formal capacity, a move that has been criticized as too narrow.

Bates, the Harvard professor who is president of the National Abortion Federation, said she will be one of the first students at Georgetown to receive an abortion.

Bendel said Biden has been working with women for a long time.

“He has worked on this issue for years,” Bendel said.

She said Biden will not speak to students about Roe v.


Bishop, the president of Georgetown University Students for Life, said the president will be talking about the role the Supreme court has played in protecting women’s health rights and abortion rights.

“I think he is speaking for the women and for the president and for millions of other women,” Bishop said.

Besenya, the Georgetown professor who will speak, said he plans to speak about the Roe v Wade decision as well as abortion and abortion access.

Bennett, the dean of the Kennedy School, said there are a number “of issues in the Supreme Supreme Court that I think have a lot of weight” for the college.

Bentley, the former president of St. Andrews University, said his students will be a “voice of reason” in the classroom.

“We’re going to have to use that voice of reason in the classrooms,” Bentley said.

Bentleys graduation speech is the first time a former president has given a commencement address since President Bill Clinton did so in 2001.

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