Tennessee’s governor says he’s ‘not looking for a political scalp’

Tennessee’s governor says he’s ‘not looking for a political scalp’

August 16, 2021 Comments Off on Tennessee’s governor says he’s ‘not looking for a political scalp’ By admin

Chattanooga, Tennessee — Gov.

Jimmy Carter on Friday called on Democrats in Tennessee to “stop the self-aggrandizement and begin the work of rebuilding the state.”

In a radio interview with WTVC’s “The Mike and Mike Show,” Carter said Democrats are “not looking to go after anybody.”

He said he was not looking for any political scalp and that his message of fiscal responsibility and fiscal responsibility was a core value for Tennessee voters.

“If there is a lot of talk about self-serving and self-gratification and self interest, that’s a mistake.

I don’t think we need that at this time,” Carter told host Mike Meeks.

He continued: “And, so, I’m not going to try to pull the strings of the people who are running our government.

I think that’s not a good way to run a government.

That’s not what Tennessee is about.”

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