The UK’s new prime minister has been appointed with support from the far right

The UK’s new prime minister has been appointed with support from the far right

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Posted February 06, 2020 16:07:11A Conservative Party of the United Kingdom (CPUK) leader has been chosen as the country’s next prime minister with support in the form of donations from the National Front.

The National Front, which wants to leave the European Union, was previously known as the British National Party (BNP) and has been linked to the murders of five people in London last month.

The party also supports Donald Trump and has previously said that it is a “patriotic” party.

The election was originally scheduled for April 18 but was postponed after the death of Theresa May, the Home Secretary, in a car crash in her constituency of Dewsbury.

A total of 18 candidates were invited to the election in the constituency of Streatham, where May was a councillor.

The vote was called by the Conservative Party’s leader, Gavin Williamson, who said it was necessary to elect a “strong and stable Conservative government” in the wake of the May crash.

In a speech on Tuesday, Williamson said that he had met with representatives of the National Party, who are members of the Conservative Alliance.

“The Conservatives, I can confirm, are very proud of our record of supporting British people, especially in areas where the majority of our constituents are working class and middle class,” Williamson said.

“I have met with people from both sides of the aisle and I will continue to work with the two parties as we work to strengthen our relationship.”

Williamson said that the National Policy Forum had offered to host an election for May’s successor.

“In the coming days we will publish a short manifesto, and in the coming weeks we will provide further details of the process,” he said.

The Conservatives have a strong record of working with the far-right and their leader, Paul Nuttall, has been dubbed a “Nazi sympathiser” by fellow Conservatives.

A Conservative party spokeswoman said: “We have a very clear commitment to work for an open and tolerant society.

We have a long record of support for our communities and for equality for all, and we have also worked closely with our local party leadership to deliver this in our communities.”

In March 2018, Nuttall was expelled from the Conservative party for comments he made about the Holocaust.

In March 2017, Nutten lost his seat to a candidate with far-Right views.

Theresa May, Britain’s Home Secretary.

Sources: BBC, BBC News, BBC World Service, The Times, The Independent, The Express, The Guardian, The Sun

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