Lennox Current News: “Pension fund to buy pension for new owner”

Lennox Current News: “Pension fund to buy pension for new owner”

September 9, 2021 Comments Off on Lennox Current News: “Pension fund to buy pension for new owner” By admin

Lennxxox, the pension fund for retired workers, said it will buy its own pension.

LennXox said the fund will buy a $20 million pension that will be shared among its employees.

The company said it’s committed to maintaining the pension plan while making it sustainable.

Lenny Houlihan of the pension commission said LennyHoulihans pension plan has not been in a position to meet future pension needs, so the investment will be limited.

Lenna Houlitha, the chief executive of the retirement commission, said she is “optimistic” that Lenny is “on track” to maintain the fund’s financial strength.

She said Lennaxxox is the largest pension plan in the U.S. and has invested more than $10 billion in its pension plans.

The fund also invests in several companies, including a hedge fund, a health insurance company and a technology company.

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