What you need to know about the MSN news quiz (and some of the others!)

What you need to know about the MSN news quiz (and some of the others!)

September 19, 2021 Comments Off on What you need to know about the MSN news quiz (and some of the others!) By admin

Today’s edition of Wired’s MSN News quiz is based on answers to the following questions: Which of the following three things is your favorite food?

What is your dream job?

Which of these three things does a man like you love?

How do you find a man?

(Or, more generally, a woman.)

Why do you like food?

What is the most popular way to be alone?

(If you have a good reason, you can choose from the following list.)

Which of our favorite sports teams do you love most?

If you’ve ever read the news on the Internet, what is your opinion of the U.S. Constitution?

(Answer: it’s a mess, but not as bad as you think.)

Which is the world’s best-selling book?

Who are your favorite celebrities?

Where do you go to get a good haircut?

Which is your most romantic place?

The best book on the Web?

In what sense are you best-suited to be a parent?

For which college do you study?

Is your job the best thing you’ve done?

When did you start your career?

Why did you get your first job?

Why are you so excited about this topic?

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